GPUK – Night of the Gladiators 26

By / March 29, 2016 / Night of the Gladiators

Live from the sold out Glee Club in Handley Stoke On Trent, Night of the Gladiators returns with NOTG26. A night of full contact mixed martial arts action. Presented by Ben Cartlidge and David Lethaby & featuring some of the best talent from the Northern UK MMA scene. Night of the Gladiators courtesy of Ross ‘The Gladiator’ Pointon’s Gladiator Promotions offered another night of high octane, full action MMA, with a stacked amateur fight card. At the top of the card the Bonner brothers, Matthew Vs James Reedman and Dan Vs Danny Sherlock. Both of these fighters demonstrated why they are two of the most impressive amateur fighters in the UK. Levi ‘Chat S##T get banged’ Lockitt impressed the partisan crowd with another easy victory and William Lowe, viral Facebook fighter who racked up 250,000 views when knocking out his opponent at GPUK 25, had an exciting but not so successful fight against newcomer Liam Jackson. Again NOTG proved that it is the Daddy of Northern shows, with 26 events successfully completed, the future is bright for GPUK and long may it continue. Check out upcoming events, fight card, Gladiator Fight Gear and results at :

GPUK NOTG 26 – Liam Jackson Vs Will Lowe SHAREFIGHT.COM

GPUK NOTG 26 Aaron Howman Vs Will Owusu SHAREFIGHT.COM

GPUK NOTG 26 Pete Haddon Vs George Anthony SHAREFIGHT.COM

GPUK NOTG 26 Drew Taylor Vs Shaun Collins SHAREFIGHT.COM

GPUK NOTG 26 Dean Davies Vs Tommy McKeever SHAREFIGHT.COM

GPUK NOTG 26 Daniel Robinson Vs Craig Gollins SHAREFIGHT.COM

GPUK NOTG 26 James Reedman Vs Matthew Bonner SHAREFIGHT.COM

GPUK NOTG 26 Levi Lockitt Vs Michael Figura SHAREFIGHT.COM

GPUK NOTG 26 Danny Sherlock Vs Dan Bonner SHAREFIGHT.COM

GPUK NOTG 26 Ryan North Vs Nathan Dale SHAREFIGHT.COM

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