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On The Ropes Boxing – The Rising

By / March 22, 2016 / On The Ropes

profil humoristique site de rencontre On The Ropes Boxing established 2015 – present their first show – The Rising. Live from the prestigious Westerwood Hotel, presented by Gina McKie form Clyde 1. The show offered a number of fights from semi-pro to full professional rules. With a full table service, 3 course meal and entertainment, this show invited a high class, dress to impress crowd. With a stunning array of memorabilia, auction and first class audiovisual provision this show brought high production values and for a first show, a supremely good ethic; with fighters and fans leaving happy and fully entertained. Their next show scheduled for 26th March 2016 ‘Will to Win’ offers everything above and a lot more. With a sellout crowd, 12 high class UK & European fights and progressive and forward thinking fight promoters, On The Ropes is topped to attract national attention and firmly cement itself as a show that follows the classic archetypal promotion but always wants to give more to it’s fans. For more information check out their Facebook page:

https://www.mccarthyarchitecture.com/indigose/9922 https://www.facebook.com/ontheropesboxingscotland/

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Robert Ohear (Midas Pro) v Darren Millar (Midas Pro) On The Ropes Boxing – The Rising

englische sätze flirten Ronnie White (OTRB Fighter) v Paul Smith 76kg On The Ropes Boxing – The Rising

http://www.ivst-vz.de/?debin=goption goption Brian White v Lucas Tinker 60kg On The Ropes Boxing – The Rising

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source link On The Ropes Boxing Part 1 PROMO

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